• November 10, 2016
    7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thursday Nov.10th at 7pm

Transitions and change. Many of us parents out there dread these two words. Does the thought of your child experiencing change or transition make your tummy do summersaults? If so, you are not alone.

Many children struggle with transitions and change.  This is particularly the case for children diagnosed with ADHD, or anxiety disorders.  Transitions of any type, can cause significant resistance and often “meltdowns.”  Some examples of transitions which can cause difficulties are: from one parent’s house to another; in the case of divorce, transitioning from a new sports team, transitioning back to school after all breaks including summertime.

For some children, the struggle with the transition is so severe that they experience school avoidance. The longer this avoidance occurs, the more difficult it becomes to get them back to school.

How can you effectively manage transitions, saving your sanity and your child’s sanity?

Participate in my teleclass on: Thursday Nov.10th at 7pm, or Wednesday Nov. 16th at 1pm to get some answers to the above question!

After completing this one-hour teleclass you will:

  1. Come away with, tools and strategies you can implement right away to manage transitions and change more efficiently
  2. Feel more confident and in control in moments of chaos
  3. Start to recognize how your reaction to situations may be perpetuating the chaos
  4. Have more peace and decrease stress in your home
  5. Gain a support system of others who are experiencing, and have experienced what you are
  6. Receive an educational handout which highlights the key points of the class.
  7. Receive a personalized action plan
  8. Be given a follow-up accountability call

Investment: $175.00 USD

Bonus: Participate in the teleclass and receive a $75 credit towards a 1-1 coaching package with me!

Sign up today, and let’s get started!


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