Successful Goal Setting – Thursday, November 4 from 7 to 8 PM ET via zoom link

How would you like yourself, your child a family member or friend to be able to set a goal and
see it through to achievement?

How often do you feel overwhelmed by the gravity of all the things you think you need to complete in order to achieve your goal?

What would it feel like if you could where motivated and accomplished all the steps throughout the journey/process as you strive to reach your goal?

Work with me and learn how to be successful in achieving your goals

You will learn:

How are your mindset impacts how when and if you will achieve your goal. What you tell yourself, is what we will achieve!

You will learn and understand the true causes are you a procrastination and taking the action steps necessary to achieve your goal

You will learn strategies that will stop and prevent any further procrastination toward your goal

You will learn what smart goals are and strategies for making your goal smart

You will learn how to write or to do list that will motivate you, not overwhelm you and defeat you.

You will learn to be committed to the goalsetting process rather than the outcome.

You will learn strategies that will make the goalsetting and go attainment process exciting and fun rather than feel like a chore. It will be something you want to do, not something you have to do!

Don’t delay sign up today, turn your dreams into a reality so that you can make room to dream even bigger and begin living why do you dream of one goal at a time!!

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