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I assist professional moms raising tweens/teens struggling with anxiety/depression beat burnout, thrive, and not just survive through self-care.fulfilled life!  



“Sharon has keen ability and insight into what makes “others tick.  She is a great listener, motivator, and she is authentic.  What you see is what you get.” 

Dr. Robert Phillips,PhD.


“Sharon is a great motivator, and listener.  She makes people feel comfortable immediately.  She is approachable.”

Gena Fisher


“Sharon is an amazing listener.  She is inspiring.  She makes others feel comfortable instantaneously.  She is non-judgmental. She asks the touch questions, that we are afraid to ask ourselves, and/or address, she does so with an awesome level of compassion”.

Laura Redda


Sharon is very inspiring. She is very good at what she does.” 

Laurie Mack


“Sharon has excellent listening skills.  She puts clients at ease immediately.  Sharon truly believes in people.” 

Jennifer Powers, Professional Coach/Dynamic Speaker.


“Coach Sharon guided me easily and smoothly to my desire.  She was wonderful.”

Abdul Hawsawi


“Sharon guided me to access the answers, I already had inside me. She guided me to a new perspective about my situation.”

Angela Curra  


“Sharon meets people where they are in their life journey.  She is non-judgmental, and very approachable.  She is caring and really good at what she does.  She is the real deal.”

David Kupperblatt

Self Confidence

The most important trait you can possess is self confidence. Being confident is what allows you to reach your full potential.  Raise you self confidence to maximize your potential.

Stress Management

Life is full of stressors!  There are as many different ways to manage stress, as there are stressors.  Identify your stressors, clarify the most effecticve method for you to manage your stress and learn the actionable steps to relief your stress.


Identify and/or clarify your desired outcomes/goals.  Learn how to break down your  ultimate goal into smaller more managable goals.  Deveop an action plan to achieving your ultimate goal, and all the goals inbetween.

Transitions and change. Many of us parents out there dread these two words. Does the thought of your child experiencing change or transition make your stomach do summersaults? If so, you are not alone.

If you would like support with effectively assisting your child in managing his, or her Anxiety/ADHD, simply provide your name and email.  I will send you the link to my calender; schedule your free 30 consulation call.  I would be honored to be part of your support network.  You and your child will become empowered and ready to embrace life!