Considering time as a finite resource adds stress and hurry to your day. You’re always in a rush to complete tasks and move on to the next thing— before you run out of time. Sure, there are loads of things we have to accomplish in a day— but are all of the things on your list really things that have to be done immediately? What will happen if you don’t get it all done?

If we shift our thinking to view our time glass as “half full, to “full” at all times the following occurs:

 ● We are more positive and energetic.

● We are much more productive, more productive than we could have ever anticipated.

● We communicate in a peaceful fashion. No yelling
● We feel like we have more than enough time to accomplish what we need to, i.e. “It is only lunch time, I have the whole afternoon to finish this project”.

If we view time as depleting, however, these are often the results:

● High frustration/stress level.

● Lots of yelling.

● Forgetting things you need or tasks you need to complete for the day.

● Feel like there is not enough time in a day. i.e. “It’s noon already,”

Consider the effect the knowledge of any resource depletion on your stress levels. Most people can relate to financial struggles. How is your stress level affected when you discover your car needs an expensive repair? Immediately, you begin to juggle your finances, trying to figure out how to cover this cost. You worry how you will get back and forth to work and your frustration builds. Attacking this problem from the mentality of scarcity makes it a much more daunting, stressful event. Facing it with an attitude of abundance and faith, on the other hand, alleviates a great deal of the stress associated with this problem. Your perception of time affects your emotions in much the same way. If you are always trying to ‘carve out time,’ ‘make time,’ or ‘make up for lost time’ your mindset is already one of lack. By switching gears and looking at time as abundant, you can really change your perception, mood, and levels of frustration.

 Join me next time for the final two keys for successful time management. 
©Sharon Birn; Possibilities R Infinite; August 24, 2015

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