Dive In! What Are You Scared Of?

Sometimes in life, you just have to allow yourself to dive right into the deep end and trust in your ability to swim. The outcome of the jump may not necessarily be what you had anticipated or hoped for, but one thing is for certain, you won’t drown!You cannot drown,...

The “Rules” of Anxiety

How often do you wonder what the “rules” of anxiety are? What “rules” does anxiety impose on the person living with it? What are the “rules” for actually responding to a loved one or friend experiencing the grip of anxiety?The unspoken and imposed rules for...

The Many Faces of Anxiety

For those living with anxiety disorders, one of the most frustrating, if not the most frustrating statement to hear is “you don’t, he/she doesn’t look anxious.”  Anyone living with anxiety or who has someone close to them dealing with anxiety wants to yell “WHAT...
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