In the past week, I have had several conversations with clients, family, and friends about a subject that has always intrigued me.  That subject is the concept of change.  Change is scary to many, and has been something I have feared myself.  I have discovered that...

How to Help Your Kids Become Effective Listeners

How often do you as a parent become frustrated with your child’s “selective hearing,” and not listening to you when you speak? How often have you given thought to the fact that to become an effective listener is a learned/developed skill? How would you like to be...

Here’s To Resolution, and Not Blame, or Shame.

 How many times have you been in a situation where you have the knee jerk reaction to play the blame game? Were you blaming someone, something, or even the situation for the circumstance you found yourself in?We are all guilty of this; myself included. However, I find...
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