In the past week, I have had several conversations with clients, family, and friends about a subject that has always intrigued me.  That subject is the concept of change.  Change is scary to many, and has been something I have feared myself.  I have discovered that our perspective of change is what makes it so scary. Often, we apply a negative connotation to it.

For many of us, even the positive changes we make to better our lives can be scary, and tend to get avoided for much longer than they need to be.  Also, people often “beat themselves up,” for making a change that they know would be better for them and their lives as a whole.

Over the years, I have learned that change (good, or bad) is never easy.  If it feels weird, it’s because it is something different than what the norm has been.  The change has not become a natural part of our routine yet, in turn, throwing off our comfort level.  Embracing change is necessary.  Embracing changes also make changes less scary.  How does one learn to embrace change, and more importantly make changes they desire, happen?

Read on a discover steps you can take to welcome change, not fear it.

View the change as something you desire, not something you are forced into, and something that is happening to you.  You should view it as something you are creating.

If you want or need to make a change of any kind, you must change at least one thing you are doing.  You cannot continue to do things, as you are, and expect change to occur.

Remind yourself that there are very few choices one can make in life that will kill you. So If the change won’t kill you, and it has the potential to make things better, it is worth try. View the change as something you and your family can learn and grow from together.

An example of such a change (that many of us are experiencing currently) is the need to increase our income, by cutting back.  For many of us, the need to cut back brings up frustration and anger. This is understandable, but what if you looked at your cutting back in one area as a choice, not as a “have to”.  Choose to use the funds you save in another area for other things you need more, or maybe even to afford something for you or your family that you want.

Cutting back does not have to be an all or nothing thing, and it does not have to make you feel deprived.  If you like to read, renew your library card as opposed to buying books (in any format).  Most libraries have joined the digital age, meaning you can download e-books to a Kindle, or audio books to your phone, iPad, or iPod for free! A few simple “changes” will go a long way.

You will live through choices and changes you make.  You might even have fun with it. Why not make it a game to see how much money you can save and where it is best to cut back?  You will discover that many of the changes you will make will get you feeling freer and lighter, as though the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders.

View change as a chance to pass valuable life skills on to those you care about!

Please share in the comments what changes you have embraced, rather than feared, and how the changes impacted your life.