It is very important to Be Present!  

When you are with your children be present, and in the moment. Put your phone down. I want you to really pay attention to them and what they are doing and saying. If you are focused on multiple tasks you are losing out on experiencing the current moment, which we never get back! 

In addition, if you are not totally engage in the activity and conversation you are participating with your child in, you are sending strong messages. These are messages you’re probably not meaning to send, and are unaware that you are sending them. 

Parents, the messages your children are receiving when you are multi-tasking, and not focused on them are: You are less important to me than, this phone call, the internet, my email, this TV show, the list can be completed with any activity you are involved in that is preventing you from being present, focused on your child. 

Honestly, the quantity of the time spent, matters less than the uninterrupted, undivided attention you give to your child. Five minutes of being fully attentive and present, matters more and makes a greater impact than an hour or more of time that is consistently interrupted, and/or involves multi tasking. 

Parents: being present, in the moment, tells a child: You are important, I want to know all about what is important to you.  Right now NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!  It significantly raises a child’s self-confidence, and their self-esteem.   

From the moment we arrive on this earth until the moment we depart, children, no matter what their age, desire their parents approval. And, time spent with them in which they are the sole focus of their parents attention. 

Parents, we all know that acceptance from a child’s peer group has a tremendous impact on, and is very important to our child. However, parents often underestimate the impact and importance of a parents’ taking the time to be fully engaged and focused on their child. 

If you are doubting the importance of being present, I encourage you to try giving even more uninterrupted, focused attention to your child, than you are already giving. Pay close attention to the effects this attention has on: Your child’s self-esteem, confidence, overall  mood/attitude, and the effects this has on the family unit as a whole. 

If you see little to no positive changes, then return to your multi-tasking business as usual. However, I sincerely doubt you will see no changes. Even though our children, especially as they get older, often will not admit how much our being present matters. Believe me, it does.  They may not have the wisdom at their age to recognize how much it matters. When they are older, and are adults, maybe even parents themselves, and they will look back fondly at the times where nothing else in the world mattered to you but them. 

If you love your child(ren) but are struggling with parenting and want some guidance, someone to listen to you and support you in your parenting efforts. If you are looking for some tips and tricks in how to get your child(ren) to listen to you or behave and do what you need them to do. I encourage you to sign up for a 30 minute call.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to create a joyous family environment.