Patient and Calm:

Keeping calm and having patience with yourself, your spouse, and your children is essential to successful time management.

If you are calm and patient with everyone including yourself:

  • Most members of the household will stay calm and patient because you are. Energy feeds off energy. If you are tense and high strung, you’ll find those around you will become that way, too.
  • You get what you give. If you want calm not chaos (and who doesn’t) than stay calm.
  • All necessary tasks will get completed in a more productive and timely fashion. Getting angry decreases or completely halts productivity. Focus on the actions you must take to complete a task and be flexible— instead of focusing on things that could be going wrong and your emotions about that.
  • You model for your children on how being calm and patient increases productivity, lowers frustration and increases a good mood.
  • You will remember content for meetings/tests, and items needed for your day (your lunch, your keys and your child’s lunch), much easier. A clear head— unclouded with emotion and judgements, is a much more productive state.
  • Calmness and patience start everybody’s day off on the right track. No tension. Kids leave for school and you leave for work, or attack your stay-at-home job, from a good space.
  • More time for quality time in the morning (even if only 5 minutes) before everyone goes about their day.

Staying calm and patient sets the tone of the energy in the house and sets the standard for everyone’s mood at the start of their day. Research has shown, that when you begin your day with a positive mental attitude, it sets a great tone for your entire day. Research also supports that if your day takes a negative turn, but started off well, it’s much easier to turn it around.


***** Next time, I’ll discuss the third principle in the series— “Time is Abundant and Plentiful.”

© Sharon Birn; Possibilities R Infinite; August 17, 2015