Sometimes in life, you just have to allow yourself to dive right into the deep end and trust in your ability to swim. The outcome of the jump may not necessarily be what you had anticipated or hoped for, but one thing is for certain, you won’t drown!

You cannot drown, but you may belly flop or create a large backsplash. You cannot drown because you know how to swim.  You have to trust yourself and your skill set to work your way back to the top of the water.

Once there, you can take a big breath of air and tread water. Treading water is something you can do for hours with minimal energy expended; this allows you to focus your energy on how to proceed next. What did you learn from this dive? What worked, and what do you need to change to be more efficient?

If you wait, how will you know when it is time to take the leap?  If you are ever waiting for perfection, you are waiting for something that will never happen, because it does not exist. If you are waiting for “just the right time” when will you know that time has arrived? Dive in, and let the answers unfold and come to you through what you are doing!  You will be surprised at how much you will learn, from diving in and taking that leap.

It’s nice to have plans, but plans are not necessary all of the time, and you must be careful of falling into the trap of over planning. Some of the most efficient plans develop out of that first dive in into the deep end!

To make the jump, you must trust! You must trust yourself and your skills to handle whatever occurs as a result of your dive in! You will come up for air, and figure out how to get there. To achieve, you must believe; no risk, no gain. What will you do? Dive in, or stand on the ledge?