Parents, How often do you feel as though you and your children speak different Languages?  If you answered this question, with often or always.  Teleclass is for you.  New Year, New Prespective!!!!  Communicate, relate, and parent from a place of abundance!


Join me for: Positive parenting practice with Sharon Birn

All participants receive a complimentary 60 minute coaching session, with Sharon.(valid thru 2/22/15)

The first five participants to register will receive a complimentary 30, Follow-up session with Sharon(valid for 30 days), after the complimentry, 6o minute session date.  

When: Thursday January 22nd @12Noon EST, for the 1st module, of a four part teleclass. 

Subsequent modules will occur on the following three Thursdays at 12Noon,EST.

This Positive Perspectives teleconferenc is for parents and the children they love.

After attending this four part teleclass you will have:

Tools you and your children can use immediately to communicate and relate from a place of abundance.

A definition of positive parenting

  1. Develop strategies to remove self doubt
  2. Break away from “cookie cutter” parenting. Parenting is as unique as the parents parenting, and the children being parented.
  3. Parent from the perspective of work/investing in your children’s future, and the future of the world.
  4. Learn creative parenting strategies to enhance your commitment and ‘”sticktutiveness” in positive parenting practices.

To register click on the link on this website homepage.