Developing habits or having things become routine is the fourth key component of time management. Habits are beneficial for successful time management because:

  • Habits become automatic, require no thought— you “just do it.”
  • You save time by not thinking about what you have to do, or what you were going to do when you walked in the room because your brain has been programmed in advance to accomplish specific tasks on a certain schedule.
  • Habits work like planning and preparation. You avoid you having to rush about and forget things. They help you view your day as having plenty of time to accomplish what you need (time is abundant).
  • Habits allow you to stay calm/patient; you know what to do and/or expect next.
  • Developing habits for yourself and your household assists your child with developing healthy habits as well. Kids learn best by modeling what we do, not by what we say.

The last key component of successful time management is asking for help/outsourcing.

You are only one person; while you are very good at multi-tasking you can only do so much. Overburdening yourself with too many tasks leads to high stress, frustration and burn-out.

Outsourcing, on the other hand

  • Allows you to spend more time on the tasks you feel only you can do.
  • Allows you to spend more quality time with your children/family.
  • Allows you more time to take care of yourself and your needs.
  • Allows you to see time as plentiful, not depleting.
  • Allows you to stay patient and calm, as it will decrease frustration and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

In conclusion, all of us have the same 24 hours in a day; no more, no less. Successful time management is about how we utilize the time we have.

The benefits you will receive from adopting all or some of these components of successful time management are invaluable. Effective time management will increase your productivity in all areas, decrease your sense of frustration and overwhelm, increase your energy and free up time not only for you to spend with your children and family, but also for you to take better care of yourself.

It should be noted that successful/effective time management will impact your life in numerous ways, far beyond those listed. As you implement these strategies, make note of all the benefits you have received from making these changes. Relish and celebrate these gifts.

Time management skills are not always instinctual. As a matter of fact, for most people successful time management is a learned skill. For those of you who feel you have never been taught effective time management skills, it is never too late to learn. For those of you who feel you have learned these skills before, but you can use a reminder/refresher, these strategies will make a big difference.

Spoken from not only the experience of clients who have tried one or all of these strategies, but also from personal experience, implementing one or all of these components of time management into your life will have a tremendous impact on your life overall.

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