Transitions are an inevitable part of life.  How an individual perceives and/or navigates these transitions will affect the overall outcome of that transition/situation and ultimately ones’ life.

Possibilities R infinite offers transitions serves.  The goal of these services is to help individuals adapt to changes, and cope with transitions in an effective manner.   Contact Sharon Birn, MS; Certified Life Coach; Facilitator/Public Speaker, on this web page.    

 Possibilities R infinite currently offers transition services in a variety of area, including, but not limited to those listed below:

The college experience:

Purpose: to provide a wellness program to college students.  Help students learn tools to assist students with achieving a healthy balance of the academic, social, and emotional demands of campus life, while maximizing their college experience.  The College Program, also aims to assist students and parents with handing the transition from child to young adult.

From child to Tween:

These services are designed to target tweens and their parents.  Assistance is given in transitioning from being a young girl/boy to that of a teenager.  Help with moving from elementary school to the new academic, social and emotional demands of middle school.  Tools to make this transition successful process are offered to both tween and their parents.

Some of the other life transitions individuals can get assistance with include, but are not limited to are:

Change in career/retirement

Change in relationship status


Change in financial status/income

Transitioning into parenthood

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