Parents it is imperative that you trust your inner voice, your gut. Our instincts exist for a reason. You are not going to, nor are you supposed to, have all the answers.  However, you know your child and their needs best. If your gut is talking to you, listen to and follow it. 

Parents believe it or not, much of parenting involves trusting your instincts.  Children don’t come with instruction manuals.  The truth is even if they did, each child you have, would need to come with their own manual. Because, no two children are alike. 

Along the way, you will ask many others for their advice and opinions on how to handle certain situations. You will ask your parents, friends, professionals, acquaintances how they have handle certain things. This is natural and something all parents do, and/or should do. 

Remember that often times these same people with share their unsolicited advice or opinions with you.  In either case, don’t let yourself get sucked into doing what they suggest, because of fear of pissing them off or hurting their feelings. 

Always be diplomatic in your response, thank them for their opinion, or advice and tell them you will consider it.  Ultimately, the final decision about the best way to handle a situation that affects your child is through trusting your instincts and knowledge of your child. 

We must remember that parenting strategies and styles are always evolving, and the way we choose to parent our child may be very different than the way our parents raised us. This is due in part to having different information, and knowledge on what is most effective with children today. In addition, for many of us, the way our parents parented would be seen as abusive today. 

One child may respond to a very firm approach, while another may crumble. Conversely, one child may thrive with a more passive approach with choices, while another would take advantage. 

Parents are not supposed to have all the answers; there are too many possible scenarios. Trusting your own instincts is about allowing your “gut” to lead you to the most effective possible solution to a situation for your child.   

Trusting your instincts will allow both you and your child to thrive.  It will reduce your stress, in turn reducing your child’s stress.  It will return peace and joy to your family, and your parenting process over all. 

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