As with all my blogs and posts, I am aware that some of what is stated may not sit well with you.  Please know, that is more than okay.  My intent is not to make you do things, and/or believe how I do.  My intent is to offer you the opportunity to experience a different perspective.  As always, I am a firm believer in, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  My hope is that you will have a open mind to the the fact that the POSSIBILITIES as to how we can handle situations we are faaced with, are INFINITE.  If something in your life is not working/serving you well, I encourage you to try something new.

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Oh, Shift program, first as a participant, and now as a Certified Oh, Shift Facilitator.  I now get to share this amazing program, and its’s message with the world, what an HONOR!  The Oh Shift Program, was created, by the dynamic Jennifer Powers.  Some people find the title of Oh, shift offensive.  I encourage you to focus on the word shift, and not what it often makes people think of when they hear it.  The program has 6 modules, all designed to encourage, and accomplish personal growth.

Participating in and facilitating this program has changed my life.  I want the same for you!  You DESERVE it!  As stated earlier, I began to recognize the power of words many years ago.  The Oh, Shift program, crystalized this knowledge for me, in a new way.  It had me focus on the PRESENT, NOT my PAST.  The past happened, it cannot be changed.  The Oh shift program focuses on NOW, the PRESENT, to where you want to be, in the FUTURE.  It provides you with strategies and tools, you can use immediately to start making a change, and accomplishing your goals. 

“How Powerful are our words, both on ourselfs (internal dialogue), and on those around us?  How often have any of us really stopped to reflect on/consider the true power of our words?  I have recognized the power of my word choice, for many years.  However, I recently was reminded of just how powerful our word choice is on ourselves, those around us, our perception of our reality, and the world around us.   

As Jennifer states, in her book, Oh, Shift, “Changing your reality is as simple, as changing your words.  Consider the following:  Words give you POWER and CONTROL.  Every day, when you awake, you are given a blank canvas.  Your words are your paint.  You always have a choice about HOW to use words, and the words you CHOOSE will always affect your reality.”  Will your words, be words of abundance, that see your glass, as “half full, or will your words be words of negativism, that see your “glass as half empty,” and pull you down?  You get out of something the energy you put forth.  “The energy you put out, IS the energy you attract back.” (Jennifer Powers, Oh Shift).  For instance, if you say that, the information in this blog is bogus, it will be.  On the other hand, if you say the information in this blog was insightful, motivating, and useful, it will be.  You get back, from any experience, what you put into it.

Jennifer also points out in Oh, Shift, that everything is made up of energy, words are NO EXCEPTION!  What do we know about energy?  It is magnetic.  It attracts SIMILAR ENERGY.  What does this mean for your reality? Consider this, when you put words out there into your world, in the form of postive, and/or negative energy, the words you have chosen will attract back simiar energy.  If you choose negative words to put out there, negative energy IS what you will receive back.  On the flip side, put positive words into your world, positive energy IS what you will receive.

For example:

Tell yourself you suck at being a mother/father, you WILL!

Tell youself you will never succeed, you WON’T!

Tell yourself you are fat, Done!

Tell youself you are always late, you WILL BE!

Do any of the above examples, sound familar?  For many of us, we do not realize that our own statements are limiting us , and we are unaware of just how many self-limiting statements, we make in a day.  Many people do not realize how their own self-limiting statements hold them back from accomplishing their goals, and/or realizing their dreams (Oh, Shift, Jennifer Powers).   The first step in recognizing how words create our reality, is realizing the true POWER words have on us.

Our words, and the energy they give out, not only affect us, but those around us.   Those involved in a conversation with us, will naturally be affected by our energy.

In Oh, Shift Jennier asks readers to consider, “How often do you think about your words, being a tool?  This tool(words) are always available to us. Our words  can and do work FOR or AGAINST US!  People should occassionally “check in” to see if the words they are choosing to use are serving them well, or not.”   Taking this a step beyond, I ask, What is the foundation of the words you are using?  That of gratefullness/abundance, or that of depleation/negativity.

In Oh Shift, Jennifer brings to light the following. “How do you change your reality?  With a simple Shift.  Change the words that bring you down, to words that lift you up.”  For example:  What could you say instead of I am fat? What could you say instend of I will not succeed? What could you say instead of I am always late?  Consider this:  I am fat to I have lost 20 pounds in 3 months, that it awesome, if I can lose that, I WILL lose more. I WILL reach my goal weight!  I will not succeed to, I have had many successes in my life, I WILL succeed at this goal too! I am always late to I am puncutal often.

Remember:  What you SAY, will influence what you THINK.  What you THINK, will influence how you FEEL. Hou you FEEL will influence what you DO.  What you DO will influence your RESULTS, Everytime!(Jennifer Powers, Oh, Shift). 

In Conclusion, remember “Old habits die hard.”  Change is a process, and it takes time and practice.  Be gentle and kind to yourself on this journey (Oh, Shift, Jennifer Powers).  You will slide back, into your old habits at times, they are what you are most comfortable with, they are what you know.  This is to be expected.  This is when you need to be the most gentle and kind with yourself.  Recognize, that you have slipped back into your old ways, and move right back out.  The goal is to change over time, that is when a change will most likely become permanent, when it happens over time.  Another goal is not to get angry, for returning to your old ways, but rather to recognize it, “catch it,” and put a new strategies in place, as soon as you “catch” yourself in your old ways. 

You may have noticed that much of the wording in this article was taken dirrectly from Jennifer’s book.  The reason is simple.  I believe in the message with every fiber of my being.  I believe it from my core.  Jennifer does a wonderful job of articulating this important message.  She is real, she does so with humor and compassion.  She motivates. She provides people with strategies that they can use immediately, and see immediate results.  We are a cultue in need of immediate gratification.  If results, are not immediate, many people will not stick with something.  They are include to quit.  As I said earlier, I am a firm believer in, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Well it”aint broke,”so there was no need to ‘”fix it.”  My goal is to help move this message across the land.  To have it reach as many people, as possible.  If people are ready to make a change, I am compelled to help them do so.  I was born to do to things, help others, and be a mother. 

It is my priveledge to help others, make a change thy are ready to make.  I want others to experience what I have.  We all deserve it!

If you like this article, and it resonates with you. Sign up for more.  If you would like to register for a soon to be announced teleclass on this topic.  You will be able to do so, on my website.  For further information, or to schedule me for a live event.  Email:  I look forward to speaking with you soon.  If you are ready to make a change.  Start NOW, I WILL show you how. Ready, Set, Go!  Quickly let me know! 

If you can SEE IT, you CAN BE IT! 

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